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I’m Lee and I’ve owned Cats and other animals (dogs, horses, goats you name it!) my whole life. Having been ‘born and raised’ around a wide variety of animals (that include many cats over the years) makes me an animal lover from way back. 

As a kid my parents ran a livestock feed store and rented horse corrals. We always had a couple of cats around that were both loveable pets and ‘work cats’, meaning they were mousers. 

The cat that I remember the most in those days was a beautiful tortoiseshell cat named ‘Whipple’. She was named after Mr. Whipple on the old Charmen toilet paper commercials that were popular at the time. Yes, I’m showing my age a bit.

Whipple was an awesome mouser and a good buddy. She was equally at home in the house as she was in the barn. You could often find her patrolling the horse corrals for pesky rodents or sunning herself. 

Fast forward…

Over the years I’ve always had cats around and passed my love for cats and other animals on to my kids who all have cats of their own. I have grand cats!

This year was a tough one as my wife and I lost two of our beloved cats (Meow and Butters) and one of our wiener dogs. Our cats were not only our feline companion, but that of our dogs as well. We’ve always made a point to socialize our pets together so that we had a relaxing household for all of us.

dachsunds and cat
Meow here With wiener friends

Meow and our Dachshunds (a male and female) grew up together and were buddies. We often joked that Meow and the male (named Doxy) had a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship (nothing gross) as they would hang out together quite a bit.

Me and Mrs. Jones – We gotta thing goin’ on!
Our senior cat Butters crossed the rainbow bridge in 2021. We’ll miss him.

Why a Cat Website?

When you have cats off and on over a long period of time – you learn some things. Some things are simple and awesome like the time I finally realized when my cat slowly blinks it was a sign of affection (learned this long below popular cat behavior shows on tv). Other things were more practical like how to deal with cat urine smell (Odoban, Home Depot). 

My goal is to share what I’ve learned over the years and pass it on. Just like you I get curious about cat behavior and other feline topics and I like to dig in and find out a bit more. That’s where the blog comes in. 

Questions I Get

Why product reviews?

As pet parents we have to buy all kinds of items from food to accessories. I’ve purchased all kinds over the years, some that stuff is great and others – well suck.

My team of writers and I do product reviews to help cat parents make informed decisions on what products and services that will give them the best bang for their buck. Products are either purchased and reviewed or extensively researched. 

Do you sell items you review?

Sometimes, but only items that I purchase out of pocket. Sometimes a product is provided by the manufacturer, but those products are given away to people on my email list and not sold. 

I hope you take some time and check out everything that’s on the website and feel free to contact me and ask questions.

Here’s to happy and healthy Cats!


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