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Can I Give Wet Cat Food as a Treat?

Giving your cat wet food as part of their regular diet is a common practice. 

Some cat parents who are trying to either train their cats or get them to change their habits ask themselves  “Can I give wet cat food as a treat to reward my kitty?”

In this article you’ll get some tips and some best practices if you want to give wet cat treats as a potentially more healthy alternative than just giving cat treats.

Wet cat food is a tasty option when choosing a treat for your cat. Treating your cat with wet cat food helps them get the nutrients they need to thrive.

In this article, you’ll learn what makes wet cat food a healthy choice for treats. You’ll also discover a few simple things to keep in mind if you’re going to give wet cat food as a treat to your pet. 

Can I Give Wet Cat Food As a Treat?

Yes, you can safely mix wet and dry cat food together in the same bowl. Choose each food based on quality and what your cat will eat.

Wet cat food provides nutrients and hydration that your feline buddy needs. Cat treats should not comprise more than 10% of a cat’s total diet.

Is Wet Cat Food a Healthy Treat?

Wet cat food is a nutritious choice when it comes to cat treats. Unlike many cat treats available, wet cat food will actually benefit your cat’s health.

Many cat treats are high in calories and contain artificial flavoring and additives. A high caloric intake can lead to excess weight gain in your cat. Overweight cats are more likely to develop illnesses such as diabetes and arthritis.

The problem with regular cat treats is this:

For cats they taste good, which means you may overfeed your cat. Check out or article on why do cat treats taste better than cat food.

Wet cat food makes an ideal treat because it contains all of the nutrients your cat needs without a lot of filler in some cat snacks. You can give wet cat food as a treat without worrying about it being unhealthy or causing problems for your pet.

An excellent source of water, wet cat food contains around 75 percent moisture as discussed here. Water is essential for your cat’s health as it protects against bladder, urinary, and kidney problems. Adequate hydration is essential for all aspects of feline health.

Speaking of source of water – pay attention to your cats water bowl and make sure that it hasn’t become slimy over time.

Did You Know? Many cat treats are high in caloric content which contributes to weight gain. Using wet cat food that you’ve already checked helps you control your cats weight.

It’s important that your cat gets enough protein in its diet. Wet cat food is an excellent source of protein that provides your pet with the energy they need. The protein in wet cat food also helps your cat’s immune system function properly, preventing illness and disease.

Wet cat food is easily digested because of the high water content. Cats are less likely to develop digestive issues if they are sufficiently hydrated. Giving your pet wet food as a snack can also help prevent vomiting that can be associated with excessive consumption of other treats, due to some treats being a little on the rich side.

For your cat to get the most health benefits from wet cat food, ensure that you keep it fresh. Once wet cat food is opened it needs to be kept in the refrigerator.

Wet Lickable Cat Treats

Lickable cat treats are a ‘different animal’ compared to wet cat food. They are high in moisture content and protein but shouldn’t replace regular cat food. These treats are generally high quality and designed to be very palatable to cats. 

Wet lickable treats are great for cats that don’t drink enough water and also senior cats. They come in a variety of formulations and can be easy to digest.

If you don’t want to use wet cat food as a treat but still want to give your feline buddy a nice healthy reward, wet lickable treats (also known as delectables) is a great alternative.

What Kind of Wet Cat Food is Best For Treats?

You should choose a wet cat food that provides an appropriate balance of nutrients and calories. Always read the nutrition facts label and check the ingredients in the food and consult your vet.

Now that you have an answer to your question, “Can I give wet cat food as a treat,” you may be wondering what kind is best. There’s a wide variety of wet cat food options to choose from and some are better than others.

Like humans, cats require various nutrients in their diet for a range of functions. Macronutrients, vitamins, and minerals are all essential for the proper growth and development of cats.

Protein is needed for cell, tissue, and organ growth. Your cat also needs protein for proper hormone function. The main source of protein in wet cat food is meat.

Cat Treats and Health

Cats need a good mix in their diet of macronutrients, vitamins and minerals for development. Protein is needed for organ and tissue growth.

When looking at the ingredient list, opt for wet cat food that lists a specific type of meat as its protein source. For example, choose food that lists chicken or turkey as opposed to meat or meat byproducts.

Taurine is an amino acid that is added to cat food. It helps prevent heart disease and blindness in cats. Ensure this essential ingredient is listed on your wet cat food.

You’ll also want to ensure you pick wet cat food that provides adequate fats and oils for your cat. Healthy fats help your cat absorb vitamins and they keep your cat’s coat looking shiny. Choose wet cat food that has ingredients like salmon oil or chicken fat.

Lastly, avoid wet cat food that has grains in the ingredient list. Cats do not need grains in their diet and many cats develop allergies when fed them. Healthy carbohydrates for cats include green peas, carrots, and potatoes. 

Can I Give Wet Cat Food As a Daily Delight?

Wet cat food is designed to provide everything a cat needs for proper health. You can give your pet wet cat food as a treat every day, knowing they are getting adequate nutrition.

Veterinarians typically recommend that treats makeup no more than 5-10 percent of a cat’s diet as the ASPCA discusses here. This refers to food that is labeled as treats and does not apply to wet cat food.

Cat Treats Generally

Regard less of what kind of cat treats you use, treats should not make up more than 10 – 15% of their daily caloric intake. Milk is not generally recommended as a treat for cats.

Since wet cat food is an adequate source of nutrition, you can confidently use it for treats on a daily basis. If your cat’s diet is predominantly dry food, a wet food treat will provide a nice variety for your pet to enjoy.

While you can treat your cat daily with wet food, it’s important not to give them too much of it. Overfeeding can cause your cat to gain weight which can lead to additional health problems.

The best way to treat your cat is to provide a portioned amount of wet food to complement their regular diet. This ensures that your pet gets the nutrition they need without becoming one of the 50 percent of cats who are overweight or obese.

When treating your cat with wet food, be sure to toss any remaining food they leave behind. Wet cat food should not sit out more than 4-5 hours or it will start to turn bad.

Can Kittens Have Wet Cat Food For a Treat?

While kittens have specific nutritional needs that you must pay attention to, it is fine to provide them with wet cat food as a treat. 

If you’ve just brought home a new kitten you may be asking yourself, “Can I give wet cat food as a treat?” Kittens should not be fed wet cat food as a treat until they are weaned off their mother’s milk. This typically happens around eight weeks of age. 

Once your kitten is weaned and has a regular diet of kitten food, you can give them wet cat food as a treat. Be sure to choose a wet food that is formulated specifically for kittens. They can have adult wet cat food once they are one year old.

Kitten food has more calories that provide your kitten with the energy it needs to grow and develop. The fat and protein content is higher in kitten food as well.

Can I Give Wet Cat Food As a Treat… Summary

Wet food is an optimal choice when it comes to treating your cat. It provides all of the nutrition your pet needs to be strong and healthy. With a wide variety of flavors available, your cat will enjoy delicious tidbits and feel like the king or queen they are!

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