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Do Cats Like Hammocks? 7 Tips for cat Swinging Beds

If you’re a cat owner, you must be used to finding your cat in unusual places—mine loves snuggling up at the end of our bookshelf next to the router, completely ignoring all the beautiful beds and blankets I’ve bought her! If you like to spoil your cat like I do, you’ve probably asked yourself if cats like hammocks. Let’s take a closer look.

do cats like hammocks

Do cats like hammocks?

Yes! Cats love to feel comfortable and supported; they especially love to indulge in that comfort if it’s elevated off the ground. Because cats are both predator and prey, they love to lounge in high places to get the best vantage point. 

So, are you interested in catering to your feline friend’s comfort? Well, keep reading for the ultimate answer to the question “do cats like hammocks?” in the deep dive into cat hammocks you’ve been waiting for—I’ll talk about the many different types of cat hammocks, the best fabrics, and something else!

What types of cat hammocks are there?

Like all cat accessories, cat hammocks come in a wide variety. They can attach to windows, cat trees, and even your wall! I’ll explore each type and what it can offer you and your kitty cat.

In addition to the type of hammock you may be looking at for your cat, where you put your cat hammock plays a role in how much the cat will enjoy their new hang out spot.

Window Hammocks

Now, these are super cool. They can attach to your window with suction cups, giving your cat the best view, they can get! Any cat who loves people-watching will be obsessed with this perfect perch. There’s good news for you, too: it doesn’t take up any valuable floor space!  

These hammocks are comfy, easy to install, and (depending on the make) can hold up to 30-50 pounds, so if you’ve living in a multi-cat household, your kitties could be lounging in their window hammock together! Provided they like a close snuggle, that is.

Because cats can have sensitive noses, try to find a cat bed that’s made of natural materials such as cotton or wool.

Cat Tree Hammocks

If you have a cat, you probably already have a cat tree. Or two. I cant prove it, but I think cats are happier with a cat tree.

These hammocks come built into cat trees for that perfect, seamless look and add another bit of fun to an already fantastic piece of cat furniture! 

So, if you’re in the market for a new cat tree or stand, look for one that comes equipped with a hammock! If you’ve already got one at home, scroll down the list for some options you could attach to your existing tree.

Some options include water bowls and feeding dishes as well as just toys that attach to the cat tree.

Wall Hammocks

Like the window hammock, these cat hammocks attach directly to your wall. Some even have little ladders to lead up to the hammock, which can extend across multiple levels for even more kitty excitement. These wall setups can even double as a unique decoration—surely one that would make your cat happy.

Does your kitty sleep in the open? Try to find a cat bed that’s 18 to 20 inches or about as long as the cat’s body minus the tail

Hanging Hammocks

These are another great space saver. These innovative hammocks can hook to the tops of crates or even underneath chairs! Since cats love to be in covered spaces, the chair hammock may be especially enticing. Like many other options we’ve explored, these are great space savers as well!

Standing Hammocks

If you really want to make a statement with your cat furniture, there are several types of standing hammocks for kitties! Of course, these will take up floor space, but they can look amazing! From simple, carpeted stands to elegant wood frames with plush fabrics, standing cat hammocks come in all shapes and sizes!

Are hammocks good for cats?

Yes! Cats love to lounge, especially in places that make them feel secure. Because of this, you’ll find that cats naturally gravitate towards high perches and small, enclosed spaces. Hammocks can offer both of these things! 

If you hang your hammock on your wall or window, your cat will have a perch from which to relax and see the world. If you hang your hammock beneath a chair or inside a crate, the roof over your cat’s head will have a calming effect. 

Hammocks also provide a cozy, plush resting place for cats that conforms to their body as they lie in it, which is another thing cats can’t get enough of!

Do cats like swinging beds?

Like many animals, cats often find gentle swinging motions relaxing, and some say this can help promote restful sleep. For example, you’ve probably picked your kitty up for a snuggle and rocked her like a baby before. Or is that just me? Anyway, cat swings and swinging beds—like hammocks—are super popular, and cats love them!

Pay attention to where your cat likes to nap – This can give you some insight to where you should put your cat’s bed or hammock.

If your cat likes to hang out where sun is coming through the window, then place the bed near a window. Typically cats feel safe on a high perch.

What fabric do cats like to sleep on?

How much you should feed your cat can depend on a variety of factoCats are sensitive creatures, which I’m sure you know! Therefore, they can be picky about the materials used in their beds. So how do you know what to pick?

Go natural

Many cats prefer natural materials such as wool or cotton. According to Wirecutter, this is due to the cat’s sensitive nose, which may react poorly to synthetic materials. Additionally, natural materials breathe better, and we don’t want our furry friends to overheat when they’re lying in the sun.

Consider comfort

A thick, plush hammock may better comfort an arthritic, ill, or senior cat. Many cats also enjoy plush materials and love to knead them! My cat has a penchant for faux fur and follows one particular throw around the apartment.

Easy to clean

Well, this one is more for you, the cat parent. In one way or another, your cat’s hammock will likely get dirty (stray cat litter, crumbs of food, or, more likely, covered in hair), so you want it to be easy to wash. Go for something that’s machine washable so you can keep it nice and squeaky clean for your feline friend!

Do cats like hammocks… Summary

Do cats like hammocks? it can vary from cat to cat, but for the most part cats enjoy hammocks. It is important to understand and respect your cat’s individual preferences when it comes to their resting spots.

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